Hires To You headerThe Illustrated History of Hires Root Beer



Charles A. Lindbergh flew the Spirit of St. Louis from New York to Paris in 33.5 hours. 

Calvin Coolidge declined to be re-nominated for President.

The highly popular first talking motion picture, The Jazz Singer starring Al Jolson, meant the movie industry was facing an expensive investment in sound studios and theaters. 

Shortly after Ford’s 15 millionth Model T rolled off the assembly line, the Ford Motor Company spent six months and $200 million retooling before introducing the Model A.

The first successful demonstration of television took place in New York City.

Lockheed Aircraft Corporation and Pan American Airways were founded.

Newly introduced products and inventions included Cessna cantilever planes, iron lung respirators, automatic record changing phonographs, electronic jukeboxes, homogenized milk, Gerber Baby Food, Hostess Cakes, Wonder Bread, and PEZ candy.

Liquid sugar manufactured for industrial purposes also found limited use for soft drinks.

7,630 U.S. soft drink bottling plants were in operation.  Per capita consumption was 47.6 bottles.

This framed, reverse-on-glass sign has gold foil letters on a black background.

 (Figure 1927-01, reverse-on-glass sign, 8.0” x 16.0”)

Hires implemented an employee pension plan June 3, 1927.

This sign was produced as part of a promotion for flavoring malted milk with Hires.

(Figure 1927-02, die-cut cardboard sign)

(Figure 1927-03, paper sign, 4.0” x 15.5”)

This label-under-glass fountain syrup bottle has a nickel-plated cap.  It is 12.0" tall with a 3.0" base diameter.

(Figure 1927-04, label-under-glass fountain syrup bottle)

For the fiscal year ending September 30, 1927, Hires reported sales of $3,296,655.  The company produced a $311,782 net profit, for a 9.46% profit margin.

November 24, 1927 Hires announced the formation of a partnership with the Frigidaire Corporation to expand their “Hires Iceless Drinking Water Service” during 1928.