Hires To You headerThe Illustrated History of Hires Root Beer



Racial violence in many U.S. cities hampered efforts to assure equal education for all.

President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, abolishing racial segregation in the U.S.

The Medicare Act created the first government-operated health insurance program for elderly Americans.

President Lyndon Johnson defeated Senator Barry Goldwater in the Presidential election and declared “War on Poverty” in his State of the Union address.

An earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska killed 117 people and caused enormous damage.

Twelve men in New York state burned their draft cards as a public demonstration against the Vietnam War.

California became the most populous state, with New York slipping to second place.

A Surgeon General’s report found the use of cigarettes “contributes substantially to mortality from certain specific diseases.”  The Federal Trade Commission subsequently announced health warnings would be required on cigarette packages starting in 1965.

The Ford Motor Companying introduced the Ford Mustang.

Studebaker became the first U.S. auto maker to include seatbelts as standard equipment.

Richard Petty won 27 NASCAR races driving a hemi-powered Dodge Charger.

The Boston Celtics won their sixth consecutive National Basketball Association championship.

U.S. concert tours by The Beatles were phenomenally successful.

General Motors’ Futurama was the most popular New York World’s Fair attraction.

Network television premieres included “Jeopardy,” “Bewitched,” “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.,” “Gilligan’s Island,” and “The Munsters.”   “Bonanza” was the top ranked network show.

Newly introduced products and inventions included the Ford Mustang, holography, the Smiley Face, Lucky Charms cereal, and Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts.

3,933 U.S. soft drink bottling plants were in operation.

(Figure 1964-01, Fountain Facts double-sided brochure, back and front)

(Figure 1964-01, Fountain Facts double-sided brochure, inside pages)

The Hires Division also produced these full page advertisements for theater trade publications. 

(Figure 1964-02, theater trade magazine advertisement)

(Figure 1964-03, theater trade magazine advertisement)

This German-made, Elgin, travel alarm clock in a leather-covered case was presented as a Hires “Product Excellence Award” in 1964.  This was the earliest use of a new Hires logo with arcs above and below Hires ROOT BEER.

(Figure 1964-04, travel clock, closed, 3.0” x 3.0”)

(Figure 1964-04, travel clock, open, 3.0” x 6.0”)

This decal includes the new Hires logo at the top, while the bottle has Hires in a trapezoid on the shoulder, and a Since 1876 body label, a combination of three logos.  The designer was definitely confused!

(Figure 1964-05, window decal)